Griffintown Media partnered with the Chamber of Marine Commerce to develop the Marine Hall of Excellence (MHE), an original concept initiative honouring those who have demonstrated outstanding vision, leadership and direction resulting in significant achievements for the marine industry, trade and commerce in Canada and the U.S.

The MHE logo has a distinct nautical theme featuring the compass rose, one of the most recognizable marine symbols. This logo is featured on the handcrafted award and lapel pin that are presented to inductees.

Our graphic artist and sales and marketing specialist worked directly with the jeweller and woodworker to coordinate the design and production of the jewellery and display box.

The Web site was designed to provide general information about the award, and enable individuals to be nominated directly via the custom-made form. Inductees will be featured on the site after each induction ceremony.

Award Design · Logo · Web site · Promotional handouts · Translation