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Graphic Design

Design is a fundamental strength of our business, and we want to make it a fundamental strength of yours. That means creating a simple, clean and elegant image for your product or service, and applying it consistently across your marketing and communications tools.


We provide everything you need in Web site development, from design to programming to custom content and even hosting. This Web-made-easy approach ensures your site will be well designed, well built and always up to date, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Custom Publishing

We differ from most agencies in that we publish everything from newsletters to magazines to books, managing all creative and production along the way. That means we can write your story, lay it out, print it and then deliver it to your target audience for best results.

Video & Photography

More than ever, photos and video say a lot about you. That’s why it’s so important to have professionals handle the camerawork. Our images are known for being tasteful, modern and elegant, probably the exact picture you have in mind for your business or organization.

Original Concept

We’re an ideas company, which means we always look for unique and creative ways to design, package and deliver your message. It’s a pretty easy idea.

Meet Our Team

Jim McRae

Jim McRae


Jim’s all about ideas.

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Jim provides creative inspiration and handles many of the logistics required to complete projects, in addition to editing, direction and script writing. Since Griffintown’s inception, Jim has been providing a steady stream of ideas and inspiration to his team. Years of prior experience in journalism and publishing have honed his ability to get to the heart of the story, expand on its essence and deliver the message with maximum impact and minimum fuss.

Salma Belhaffaf

Salma Belhaffaf

Graphic Designer

Salma’s always creating.

  Meet Salma    

A love of design in all aspects animates Salma’s work and creates an immediate channel of communication with clients. Her extensive design education and experience fuel her passion for working with clients to find just the right visual expression of their ideas. Education at Dawson and UQAM, she brings a high level of design knowledge and experience to the team.

Katrysha Gellis

Katrysha Gellis

Sales & Marketing

Trysha gets the word out.

  Meet Trysha    

She’s on the front line of communications with clients and suppliers every day. She draws on her mixed marketing and sales background to implement creative marketing initiatives and focus on business development. Working closely with the team, she maintains effective communication with clients and manages projects.

Valerie Woods

Valerie Woods

Web Developer

Valerie likes to code.

  Meet Valerie    

She brings her competency in managing and building Web assets over a wide range or projects. Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, PHP, MySQL and FTP management are a part of her routine. She thrives on challenging projects and figuring out the best way to display information for our clients.

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